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Casino Poker Games in Oregon Pubs to Continue

Have the inkling to play a little poker, but don’t have the money to fly to Las Vegas or Atlantic City and take a full-on gambling trip? That’s okay! You can always visit the online casino, the place where you can play online casinos poker from anywhere in the world right in the privacy and comfort of your home. Is the online casino not your scene? Well, with less money than a trip to Sin City, you could take a road trip to Springfield, Oregon, not Illinois, and participate in one of the many casino poker games and tournaments being held at local bars and pubs!

‘It’s gone very well, and everybody seems to enjoy it, we’ve had no problems,’ says Shalee Stockton, of the Woodsman Pub. The business hosted a Texas Hold’em tournament earlier this month. Last August, state government officials voted to allow businesses to hold poker tournaments and games – with cover charges, real buy-ins, and cash prizes are all part of the game. As one of the few states in the US allowing poker to be played legally, by law, Oregon has become an example of a successful gambling location and environment. Now, both online casino and land-based poker fans can take a trip to a state in the union and enjoy real-life, fun and exciting poker.

Oregon seems to be doing something right, if its casino poker nights are going off without a hitch, and being enjoyed, peacefully and pleasantly among the locals participating. Maybe other states can look to Oregon as a successful example of casino poker and legalized, regulated tournaments. Maybe, with some thought and consideration, other states will follow in Oregon’s footsteps. Only time will tell.

OCA News Editor