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Committee Reviews Online Casino Anti-Gaming Bill

Online casino sites are getting slammed once again by Virginia Representative Republican Bob Goodlatte and Representative Democrat Rick Boucher from Virginia, along with approximately 100 other members of the House of Representatives. They have all supported the resubmitted 2000 online casino anti-gaming bill from Goodlatte. The bill, called the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act has been forwarded on to the House Judiciary Committee for further debate and action. Online casinos fans might have stricter laws checking on them when playing at the online casino.

One provision of the bill is a method of updating the Wire Act of 1961, which prohibits people from placing bets over telephone lines at online casino sites. Goodlatte has suggested including Internet usage in this bill. However, in 2004, in the action between the government of Antigua and the United States, the World Trade Organization stated that the Wire Act did not apply in international trade and overseas online casinos sites. ‘For too long our children have been placed in harm’s way as online gambling has been permitted to flourish into a $12 billion industry,’ Goodlatte said in a statement. ‘The Internet Gambling Prohibition Act brings the current ban against interstate gambling up to speed with the development of new technology.’

The major question here is how the online casino anti-gaming bill would be implemented. It will be virtually impossible to enforce the bill on overseas online casino operators. And if the online casino anti-gaming bill is passed, there wouldn’t really be anyone to make arrests on foreign soil. With thousands upon thousands of Americans online in online casino poker rooms daily, how could their activities be monitored? These complicated questions are just a few of the issues causing the bill to remain in the throes of debate between government officials.

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