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New Casino Control Bill Supported with Reservations

The Casino Control Bill, a new legislative bill attempting to be passed in Singapore’s government, is being supported by nine MPs. The casino bill seeks to assist in providing and environment where integrated resorts can grow and develop while keeping Singapore’s social and law and order problems away. Although the MPs described the bill as comprehensive, they feel that more can be done to protect Singaporeans from the potential negative effect of casino sites in the country.

‘My question is whether these provisions are far enough or sufficient because casino operators, the very nature of their business is to make money from the casino activities, they have a commercial purpose and objectives. Law enforcement or law and order is not their primary function nor their primary focus. So when you look at the Bill, this is the only provision. There’s only one section that deals with solicitation,’ said Indranee Rajah, MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC. One of the major concerns concerning the casino bill pertains to a provision in the bill which allows the casino space to be extended within the integrated resorts. According to another bill provision, casino operators must take appropriate steps to ensure there’re no solicitations of prostitution or other immoral activities in the casinos.

With all of the good things to come of this proposed bill, and all of the support it is receiving, there are still many reservations about passing it and implementing its provisions in Singaporean society. Whether the casino bill will pass or not is still unknown, but the pros and cons of the bill still have to be studied to make final decision responsibly.

OCA News Editor