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Online Casino Gambling: Looking Up?

Although online casino gambling is against the law in the US, last year 7.8 million Americans played at online casinos. The colossal numbers the online casino industry is raking in has begun making the wheels turn in the minds of US casino operators and owners, leading them to ask for the legalization of online casino sites within US borders.

‘There has been a clear shift in attitude by the major publicly traded gaming companies,’ says Michael Pollock, a casino industry analyst at the Spectrum Gaming Group and a former spokesman for the New Jersey Casino Control Commission. ‘If they could marry their brands to online gaming, it would explode.’ US casino operators want to cash in, and not sit back and watch the online casino industry grow without them receiving a piece of the pie. This comes as a surprise after years of denial from these US casino owners that the online casino industry would be so big.

The main challenge is getting the US Government to legalize online casino sites. As it looks now, this will not be happening in the near future. Many state representatives feel that the spread of online casino sites and the popularity of online gambling is something to be feared, and could bring about serious negative repercussions in American society. Although the road to legalization and regulation is long, online casino sites now have the support of their US casino brothers, no matter the reason. Maybe, eventually, the US Government will also support this growing industry.

OCA News Editor