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Colorado Casino Gambling Laws

Casino gambling through telephone bookers or over the internet is currently illegal in the State of Colorado. The Colorado Constitution only allows specific types of gambling. Some online casino sites will advertise that they are legal and licensed. However, one should be ware that these adverts are generally referring to the actual gambling institution being legal and licensed, i.e. as a business when it was set up offshore. It does not mean that actually casino gambling on the website or through the phone line is itself legal.

It is illegal for radio and television stations to accept advertisement for casino gambling institutions. The law prohibits the intentional encouraging or aiding of an offense – in this case, casino gambling. The Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission is following a strict policy of not allowing any Colorado resident access to online casino sites.

There are certain types of casino gambling allowed under Colorado law. These forms of casino gambling are the Colorado Lottery, live and off-track wagering on dog and horse races, bingo, raffles and other charity games. There is also limited stakes gambling which are allowed to be played in specific casinos – Black Hawk, Central City, Cripple Creek and on tribal lands. Social gambling is also allowed which is when the participants have a real social relationship and the money won goes out in the form of prizes.

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