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California Casino Poker Room Avoids Trouble

The Gold Rush Casino and Gaming Parlor is the only legal casino gambling facility for poker lovers in Nevada County, California. According to the California Gambling Control Commission, the casino can continue operation and keep its doors open for the many poker patrons that play there.

Sue Barrows, Grass Valley resident and club owner, was forced to shut down operation of the casino for a temporary four-month probation, due to her failure to file certain paperwork on time in September, 2005. Burrows claimed that this was an unintentional error. This situation caused Barrows to face more accusations of gambling law violations, which now are being investigated by the California Department of Justice. The allegations include gambling while on duty, failing to repay casino house debts, and lending money, among others. Once the probationary period was over, the commission unanimously voted to allow Barrows to re-open the casino.

Barrows will only be able to operate the casino until April 30th, according to the license extended by the commission. During this time, the commission hopes to further investigate the allegations. Barrows will also be able to defend herself in court thanks to an evidentiary hearing issued by the commission, but this blessing could turn out to be a curse. This hearing could result in the closure of the casino. All is unknown for now regarding the pending case, and no date has been set for the hearing, but this case is certainly not over yet.

OCA News Editor