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New Online Casino Regulations from Isle of Man

Online casino legalization and regulation is a complicated matter for countries who have welcomed online casinos legally onto their shores and into their homes. Online casino law is something new and developing, exactly like that of the online gambling industry itself. So it is no wonder that in the past several months, online gambling regulation has changed and become more refined in order to provide the best and safest online gambling experience for their online casino players.

‘The Island has seen significant progress in recent years in attracting leaders from key sectors… These legislative changes, produced with the support of Berwin Leighton-Paisner, the London based international law firm, will increase the competitive advantage for the Island’s economy and its operators,’ said Bill Mummery, head of e-gaming development. These will be major changes for the online casino industry. However, these changes are meant for the common good of all online casino players.

The Isle of Man’s government has recently announced changes to the Online Gambling Regulation Act 2001, which will include online casino software testing, disaster recovery, provision, advertising and marketing. These changes will benefit online casino players with simpler software approval processes, use the world-class telecoms infrastructure, and will allow for legal advertising of online casinos.

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