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Online Casino to Sue Excapsa

Poker Share, an online casino poker room company, and Excapsa, Poker Share’s network, will be taking their friendly battle to the courtroom. Poker Share has recently filed a law suit against Excapsa, claiming that its overall failure in November, 2005, can be attributed to Excapsa’s alleged prejudice which was expressed when U.S. online casino poker players were barred from playing at Poke Share’s rooms. Additionally, Excapsa allegedly removed its network support which was the beginning of the end for Poker Share. Online casinos players were caught in the middle of this falling out, which surely became another major sticking point regarding Poker Share.

The online casino poker room had an innovative way of marketing itself to its online casino players. How? Players were to be allowed to share in the profits of the poker room. However, the falling out happened before this could take place, when Excapsa removed its network. Excapsa claims that it, and Ultimate Bet, its online casinos site, worried over the numbers that Poker Share was raking in, and simply backed out of the deal. Poker Share, in response, is also suing Ultimate Bet for GBP 100 million.

How this law suit will end is still unknown. The two sides are attempting to reach a settlement, but if they will not, the matter will turn into a full-fledged court case. This is definitely unfortunate for the online casino players who were loyal members of Poker Share and Ultimate Bet, as well as for the online casino industry in general. In such a booming market, it is situations like these, between online gambling giants, that can put a damper on an otherwise successful sector of business.

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