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Casino Gambling in South Dakota

Recently, South Dakota has been revising its policies on casino gambling. Several gambling bills were offered this week in the state legislature, including one that would legalize Texas Hold’em Poker and another which would help Bingo win its favor in the state’s communities. Introduced by Senator Brock Greenfield, R – Clark, Bill SB191 would allow card tournaments to be operated by charitable groups, like that of fraternal, civic, religious organizations and veterans. These competitions could help raise finances for these groups and bring the zing back into this popular casino and community mainstay.

‘Fewer and fewer people are playing bingo, and this might be an opportunity to get the service clubs back in on the action,’ said Senator Brock Greenfield. ‘What we’re trying to do is offer this opportunity to a limited number of service organizations,’ he added. Although the law bill is new, the amount of prize money to bingo winners would not change. Casino bingo winners will be eligible to win a $2,000 prize per game, while casino Texas Hold’em poker players would be able to win up to $5,000 per game as the top prize.

Although South Dakota is not one of the most talked about states in the US when it comes to headlines in the news, it seems that some would say progressive thinking is taking place in the very heart of this great state, while others may disagree with the legalization of the casino gambling games these representatives want to pass. Either way, casino gambling is an issue – one of the most discussed in the assembly rooms and halls of the state government building in every US state – which will not go away. Like other countries around the world, the US is finally waking up to the realization that casino gambling is here to stay.

OCA News Editor