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Online Casino Industry Discussed in Talks

With the face of online casinos always changing, and the online casino industry constantly in the news and in debates among government officials all around the world, it comes as no surprise that Britain will hold a conference regarding the subject. Britain plans to discuss the possible forms of regulation to put on the online casino industry in order to protect young children from gaining access to these online gambling outlets.

These global online casino and gaming talks hope to conjure support for its move to regulate the fast-growing industry. The push for an international meeting and global talks came from the three UK Stock Market floats of three major online casino operators and companies in 2005, generating multi-billion dollar revenues. “We want to initiate a discussion about problem areas which include protection of children, advertising, money laundering and criminal infiltration,” said a spokesman for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, Anthony Wright.

With the explosion of online casino poker and other casino favorites, such as roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, slots, and other games, it is easy to understand why online casino sites are becoming so popular and are enjoyed by millions of online gambling fans all around the world. Online gambling is the most convenient and comfortable form of gambling, and caters directly to the needs of the online casinos fans who are loyal to their favorite sites. With great bonuses, promotions, and other perks, the UK has realized this trend is not going to go away. So, the government has decided to legalize it and make it safe for everyone to use it and play responsibly online.

OCA News Editor

Jenny McKinnley is OCA’s financial correspondent. After spending years on the trading floor in both NY and London, she offers insight from the inside out on world financial news and events.