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Casino Smoking Escapes Ban in New Jersey

Although smoking in New Jersey has been banned from bars, restaurants and most other indoor public areas, casinos have somehow been able to escape the ban and will continue to allow smoking in the casino. Governor Richard J. Codey signed the law, making Vince Rennich and Alan Angeloni very upset that he couldn’t pass it through to include casinos as well.

Rennich is a casino table games supervisor and suffers from lung cancer. He blames 25 years of inhaling secondhand smoke for his disease. ‘A good majority of the time, I’m surrounded in a cloud of smoke,’ said Rennich, 47, who doesn’t smoke. ‘Even if it’s a no-smoking table, it doesn’t help. The way the smoke blows or drifts, you can only go so far. It’ll find you. It’s going to kill me, I know it is,’ Angeloni said. The casino smoking ban would help Rennich continue working and also help him avoid the possible culprit from hurting him any further.

The ban will take effect April 15th, 2006 making New Jersey the 11th state in the nation to prohibit smoking in restaurants and bars, according to the American Cancer Society. Smoking is already against the law in New Jersey government buildings, and many private businesses now prohibit smoking. This is New Jersey’s way, and the way of the other 10 states passing this law, of protecting its fellow citizens from the harms and dangers of second-hand smoke. It is unfortunate for some that the law did not include casinos; however, for those who do smoke there will be at least one venue where they will be able to do so without violating state law. The casino will now become a congregating point for many smokers who want to gamble and enjoy a cigarette or simply smoke outside of the house.

OCA News Editor

Jenny McKinnley is OCA’s financial correspondent. After spending years on the trading floor in both NY and London, she offers insight from the inside out on world financial news and events.