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Online Casino Spam Victory

Spam can be, at its best, annoying. Online casino sites, as well as other Internet companies, are known to spam many, if not all, of their customers with advertising junk e-mails that are unwanted and unsolicited. This is why one man, British businessman Nigel Roberts, decided to take action and put and end to the constant spamming he received from Media Logistics UK. Roberts sued the company for damages and won. This is a strong victory, because it is the first of its kind against an Internet company delivering spam. So to all of you online casinos fans out there – online casino sites in Europe are not permitted to send you spam. If they are, they are breaking a newly passed law.

‘This maybe a tiny victory, but perhaps now spammers will begin to realize that people don’t have to put up with their e-mail inboxes being filled with unwanted junk,’ said Roberts, who lives in Alderney in the Channel Islands. He constantly received junk e-mail in his personal account, which is illegal under new European law. He filed in small claims court, so the maximum he could request was GBP 300. He received GBP 270 as well as another 30 for his filing fee from Media Logistics UK. Any online casino sites doing this from European centers could also be facing potential law suits. However, many online casino sites have been controlling their spam, or doing away with it completely, because of these new laws.

Spam is upsetting, annoying, and can be potentially harmful to computers. Online casino fans, as well as all computer users, find spam a reason not to contact the companies that send it to them. If there will ever be an end to spam, one can never know. But thanks to Nigel Roberts, online casino players and other PC users know this: if there is spam that is bothering you, now the law is on your side.

OCA News Editor

Jenny McKinnley is OCA’s financial correspondent. After spending years on the trading floor in both NY and London, she offers insight from the inside out on world financial news and events.