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Video Gambling Casino Machine Crackdown

The Appellate Court of Illinois has recently ordered a ‘crackdown’ on video gambling casino machines in Chicago. New get-tough rules will be implemented and bar owners will also be under observation and strict orders to comply with the new rules. The city first tried to force tougher rules in 1998, in order to better govern the devices, but was halted due to a ruling by then Cook County Judge Aaron Jaffe. He claimed that the ordinance issued over the casino machines was ‘too vague’.

Police were given more authority in 2001, when the City Council ushered in new rules to confiscate the video gambling casino machines, as well as level fines against owners operating and possessing illegal gambling casino machines. Yet again, the ordinance was challenged by the owners of these machines. The law is always in question and constantly searching answers when it comes to gambling.

Situations and the law regarding both online casino gambling and land-based gambling are very unclear. All forms of gambling create uncertainty and a gray area when it comes to what is legal, what is not, and what is overlooked. The more people continue to gamble and visit online casino and land-based casino sites, the more the government will have to face this issue and come to some very clear-cut conclusions. In the meantime, both sides will continue on their path until the gambling law and practice will force these parties to address them.

OCA News Editor