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Casino Game Machines Confiscated

Austin charity gaming operator, Multimedia Games, Inc., have lost approximately 300 computer casino servers and sweepstakes video readers when they were removed and confiscated by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office served a warrant issued by an Alabama state judge, according to Multimedia Games, for the casino race course, claiming that the company’s machines are against sweepstakes law in Alabama.

Multimedia Games has installed approximately 1,300 sweepstakes video readers at the Birmingham Race Course. These machines provide a form of gambling and horse race betting, similar to that of a Las Vegas casino. Naturally, horse racing casino fans native to Birmingham would want to participate at the race course.

According to the company, a temporary restraining order was issued by the Jefferson County Circuit Court to prevent the Jefferson County sheriff from removing additional casino machines. Until a preliminary injunction hearing can be held, removing more casino machines will be halted. This injunction hearing is expected to be heard on January 3rd, 2006. As with other gambling issues across the country, and the web with the onset of online casino sites, battles are constantly being fought between casino and gambling operators and the state and federal governments. One can only guess how this major issue in American politics and economics will unfold.

OCA News Editor