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Casino Agreement Violated in California

Recent casino-related construction, according to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, by the Jamul Indian was in direct violation of an agreement between the tribe and the state of California. The tribe had made a state gambling compact which is now the cause for the summoning of tribal leaders to the state capital of Sacramento. The tribe, apparently, has violated the compact by the December 10th ceremonial ground breaking for the casino and moving of homes off the reservation, as well as grading on a parcel next to the reservation.

Leon Acebedo, the Tribal Chairman, stated that none of the tribe’s actions could be considered part of the casino building’s construction. He says this is due to the open fact that the proposed casino has created more community opposition than any other Native American gaming project in the region. The state law and letter states that the Jamul tribe cannot legally begin construction work on its proposed high-rise casino until the project has received an official federal environmental report. Off-reservation effects must also be addressed before the casino can begin being built.

The meeting taking place to agree on the latest actions taken by the Jamul tribe should take place by January 4th, 2006. Both sides of the compact will have to sit and discuss the impacts of building of the casino. The casino agreement will have to be discussed more in depth if true answers and agreements are going to be formed between the two parties. Only time will tell if and when the Jamul casino will be built.

OCA News Editor

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