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Online Casino Gibraltar Jurisdiction Facing Controls

As many online casinos players know, Gibraltar is one of the most popular online casino licensing jurisdictions in the world. Recently, Gibraltar passed a new law to create a regulatory and statutory licensing framework for online casino gambling. This country has already welcomed 15 gaming companies to its land.

A spokesman for the Gibraltar Government had this to say: ‘This will ensure that Gibraltar remains the world’s foremost reputable jurisdiction for virtual and online gambling,’ said the spokesman. The new rules will also feature the appointment of investigators and enforcement provisions. Also, because of Gibraltar’s online casino sector operating under the ‘Responsible Gambling’ heading, all online gambling websites under Gibraltar license is required to contain a direct link to an organization created to assisting problem gamblers. There are a few other new rules these online casino sites must implement as well.

These law revisions and additions do not come as a surprise. Because the online casino industry is constantly growing, many licensing states and companies must stay in touch with the times and control the online casino sites properly in order to maintain a general level of organization and legal, fair play. Many online casinos fans should expect to see more and more law revisions in the future.

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