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Casino Has Legal Challenge Abandoned by Wyoming

Although there is a division between the Native American tribes and reservations located throughout the United States, when it comes to casinos, issues begin to enter a gray area. Recently, after a five-year long law dispute between the Northern Arapaho Tribe and the State of Wyoming, the Nevada-style casino, designed and created by the tribe, has finally claimed victory. But with the concession of defeat from the state, came a dismaying surprise to the tribal leaders. Governor Dave Freudenthal asked the federal officials to discern whether the Arapaho should repay the state for oversight of the casino gambling operations.

‘The State has exhausted all appeals that were, in good faith, available to the State,’ Attorney General Patrick Crank wrote in an eight-page brief filed Tuesday with the U.S. District Court of Wyoming. ‘…The court has no ability under federal Indian gambling laws to order further negotiations between the state and the tribe,’ Crank concluded. The tribe will be able to continue operating its casino without penalty or infringement of U.S. law. Although the legal battle began in 2000, under the administration of Governor Jim Geringer because of a break down in gambling negotiations, the feud’s outcome is a positive won for the Native American tribe.

With so many new online casino and land-based casino sites popping up all over the world, legal issues always take a front seat in their inception and regulation. State and federal law, in every country that offers sanctioned gambling areas for casinos, will always play a major part in the existence of these gambling locations.

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