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Online Casino Bill Introduced by Leach

Representative James Leach is at it again. With the introduction of his new law move, the Bill HR 4411 (The Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), Leach is once again trying to get the US House Committee on Financial Services to side with his anti-online gambling and anti-online casino position. Although there is very little likelihood that any activity regarding the bill will take place until the New Year, Leach has decided to force it into Congress at the present time. Online casinos and online gambling are still deemed illegal within the U.S., but for representatives like Leach, the laws should include prohibiting the betting and winning of funds of U.S. citizens overseas.

Senator Jon Kyl, Leach’s advocate and partner in the battle against online casino regulation and legalization, had also drawn up an appropriation bill similar to that of Leach’s which failed to pass. Previous initiatives by both have included hamstringing Internet gambling and online casino sites by forbidding or restricting payment processing. It seems, so far, that both Leach and Kyl are facing a very difficult task of creating a unified anti-gambling consensus, with their failing attempts at pushing their sentiments and beliefs through Congress continuing.

Online casino fans and operators will have to wait to find out what turn online gambling will take with regards to U.S. law and legislation. However, as they wait, the online casino industry continues to grow and spread at a rapid rate. Time will tell whether or not online casinos will become a legal vehicle for gambling, or if they will be closed to all Americans who enjoy online gambling.

OCA News Editor