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Online Casino Sites Might Receive Vietnam Licensing

Online casinos might become licensed operating sites in Vietnam! Vietnamese government officials responsible for developing detailed online gambling regulations and licensing procedures issued by the central government will have to consider the recommendations and devise a plan for online casino sites licensing by the end of the year. With about 8 million people using the Internet, or about 10 percent of the population, people are more skilled and knowledgeable about computer and Internet use. Online casino portals will surely draw many of these surfers to their virtual tables and slot machines.

The rapid development and advancement of online casino gaming technologies, as well as their accompanying applications, have proven to be problematic in the planning and implementation of online casino access for the Ministry of Post and Telematics. Because online gambling has promised to be a successful form of entertainment, the government has vowed to strengthen law regulations to minimize the chances of negative influences affecting social development, especially among the Vietnamese youth.

The licensing and regulation of online casino portals in Vietnam would be a huge addition to the nation’s overall social and cultural profile. One can only assume how popular and widespread online casino sites and online gambling will become. In the meantime, the Ministry of Post and Telematics has only a few weeks remaining until the end of the year and until they are forced to make a final decision.

OCA News Editor