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Online Casino Spurs Legal Action

Empire Online, Ltd., one of the most famous online casino groups, has taken legal action against its partner rival, Party Gaming. After talks dwindled concerning a takeover bid by Party Gaming, Empire announced plans to bring the law into the picture, and sue its rival company. Tensions between the two online casino giants were high due to Party Gaming’s earlier decision to move its own online casinos players to a dedicated poker platform. Whereas players on skin sites had been able to play against a large source of poker competitors before, quickly after the separation competitors found themselves confined to their own small group of players.

The split left Empire with serious losses, which were amplified by Party Gaming’s next move – the takeover of two other skin sites. The third of the four skins – Coral Eurobet – also left the group, deciding to set up its own software platform for its online casino members. Empire Online was on shaky ground at this point, suffering a drop in share prices and potential investment capital offers. Now, the outcome of this online casino leader involving the law in its next move remains to be seen.

Empire Online remains optimistic. It firmly believes that its future success rests solely on the shoulders of Club Dice and Noble Poker, the two independent software platforms it owns. These platforms reportedly accounted for over half of the online casino group’s new players in 2005’s fourth quarter. Only time will tell what the future holds for this popular online casino operating group.

OCA News Editor