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What Exactly is a Super Casino?

Everyone knows that drinking during your visit at land-based casinos, contrary to online casino sites, is part of the fun and ambiance you experience while gambling. But what if you could play at a Super Casino? What would that be like? And what would it include? Online casino fans might want to experience a super casino soon – but they will have to fly all the way to the UK to visit one.

A total of eight super casinos might be built in the UK, creating what some conservatives think will be ‘super bars’. These new casinos will have extended drinking hours, mostly due to the fact that space in each of these casinos would be set aside for non-gambling purposes. This would be done in compliance with current gambling law. With so many gamblers at each casino, many officials feel that they will eventually become over-packed and alcohol-driven drinking bars. These casinos may actually be physically smaller, but because they will be more prevalent throughout the city, government party members fear they could be dangerous to the public’s overall well-being.

‘I fear the new UK casinos will combine with super-bars; behind the superficial glamour of poker or blackjack, the real money will be made from slot machines and plying alcohol into the early hours. The combination of weaker gambling and licensing laws threatens a lethal cocktail that will threaten public welfare,’ said Theresa May, the Tory spokesperson on culture, media, and sport. Additionally, the over-abundance of slots machines would possibly cause casino gamblers to drink more alcohol, which could cause them to lost control of their funds and their proper judgment. Another spokesperson had this to say: ‘UK casinos will be the most tightly regulated in the world. Binge drinking will not be tolerated. The Gambling Commission will have the power to revoke licenses and there will be heavy fines imposed on casinos acting irresponsibly.’

OCA News Editor

Jenny McKinnley is OCA’s financial correspondent. After spending years on the trading floor in both NY and London, she offers insight from the inside out on world financial news and events.