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Betfair Gets Majority Vote for Online Casino License

Betfair Australia, a joint online casino betting exchange venture between PBL and Betfair, is very close to making Australian history. If the Tasmanian Government’s Upper House agrees to the betting exchange bill which has already been approved by the Lower House, Betfair will become Australia’s first licensed betting exchange. For online casino betting fans, this is a milestone achievement in the world of online casinos.

The Labour-dominated Parliament approved the Gaming Control Amendment (Betting Exchange) Bill 2005 12 votes to 10. However, the upper house has warned that this online casino will have a more difficult time when it comes to their decision. Additionally, MP’s are being lobbied to demand more information regarding the joint venture, particularly concerning this online casino betting operator.

Three Upper House Independents votes are all Betfair needs in order to receive its license. With this in hand, Betfair will become the leading example to all online casino sites, as well as other gambling-related establishments. With all of the breakthroughs the land-based and online gambling sector have been experiencing over the past few months, it is clear to see that the world of online gambling and land-based casinos is becoming more dominant in the global market and community.

OCA News Editor