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South African Police Raid Online Casino Sector

Online casino operators working from the Eastern Cape Province are now facing what could be considered as the strictest anti-online gambling crackdown ever seen in South Africa. A very fervent Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board initiated a raid by the national police to check and close-down all illegal online casino operations in Port Elizabeth in accordance with national law. Online casinos players who frequent the online gambling sites were not mentioned with regards to legal action on behalf of the South African national police force.

A Greenacres venue was infiltrated by the organized crime unit of the police force, as well as two officials from the Board. Twenty-five computers, along with other gambling equipment was found in the online casino operating site, were confiscated during the raid. The equipment found on site was worth a total of an estimated 100,000 Rands. ‘It was established that illegal gambling was conducted on a large scale and on a daily basis,’ van Greunen reported. Despite warnings from the board to online casinos players, as well as online casino operators, the computers were in fact being used to online gambling.

The online casino owner was not arrested. Van Greunen continued on to say that the case docket would be taken to prosecutors after the investigation would be completed to determine future actions concerning the online casino operator and the online gambling site itself. This example of law enforcement regarding online casinos goes to show that many countries will take legal action against those breaking the current gambling law.

OCA News Editor