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Americans Visit Online Casino Sites

Directions Research, a Cincinnati-based research company, conducted a survey recently for 1,085 randomly chosen people regarding their interest in online casino gambling. The research company has no ties whatsoever to the online casinos industry, and conducted the research project of its own volition. Without the concern of potential bias, the numbers found regarding online casino habits can be recognized as authentic.

Although online casino gambling in the U.S. is strictly prohibited, it is evident that the gambling laws have not been able to stop Americans from gambling online. As Directions Research discovered, approximately 67 percent of Americans over the age of 18 have gambled on casino games over the past year. Fifty-nine percent said they gambled at an online casino less than once every three months on average. Another 23 percent stated they gamble once every two to three months. About two-thirds of both men and women said they gamble at least once a year. With these numbers it is easy to see that online casino sites will be visited more and more by Americans, although there is no potential news of ratifying the current gambling laws at the present time.

‘Nationwide we like to gamble. It crosses age, sex and regional boundaries,’ a Directions spokesman opined. ‘Casinos are things people seek, whether it’s around the corner or three time zones away.’ The online casino industry seems like its future is bright and very promising. With the rapid pace in which the online casino market is growing, it will be very difficult for government officials to forbid Americans from having fun and gambling at their favorite online casino sites.

OCA News Editor