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UFC Machida vs. Munoz Betting Preview

UFC Machida vs. Munoz Betting Preview

This weekend in Manchester Lyoto Machida will take on Mark Munoz in the UFC Fight Night 30. The event deserves extra attention by fans as it is the middleweight debut of the former light heavyweight champion Machida.

UFC Machida vs. Munoz Betting Preview

This weekend Mark Munoz and Lyoto Machida face each other for the first time ever.

The two are friends and training partners and Munoz is Machida’s wrestling coach. Munoz has said that he doesn’t want to fight Machida, but he is doing so because he has no choice.

Machida has numerous wins over some formidable opponents in the light heavyweight division; however, even when he was at his best he was always too small for the division. Now he will be fighting in his natural weight class and it will be interesting to see how he fares. His speed and fluid counter-striking together with his unorthodox style will still be his greatest assets.

Munoz is a strong fighter with one of the more powerful ground-and-pound attacks. However, he cannot compete with Machida in a striking battle and so he must try and get the fight to the ground as fast as possible.

Unsurprisingly Machida is the bookies favourite to win, Paddy Power are offering odds of 2/7 while the odds on Munoz are 5/2.

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