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Bookies Taking Bets on the Year Ahead

Bookies Taking Bets on the Year Ahead

The New Year has arrived and this of course means that loads of betting markets on predictions for the year ahead have sprung up.

Last year saw Conor McGregor receive press attention for a variety of reasons and now there are odds of 25/1 that the boxer will become Irish President in the next few months and 66/1 that a statue of him will be put up in Dublin. Slightly more realistic are odds of 11/8 that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will announce a pregnancy and odds of 1/8 that Kylie Jenner will also confirm she’s pregnant.

In terms of sport, there are odds of 2/1 that Jose Mourinho will leave Old Trafford this year and in world politics, there are odds of 5/1 that Donald Trump will be impeached this year. There are loads more betting markets available, including on the discovery of alien life, so all in all, it looks set to be an eventful year.

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