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Match Poker May Become an Olympic Sport

Match Poker May Become an Olympic Sport

Poker players will be pleased to hear that the Global Association of International Sports Federations has recognised match poker as a sport and it is now eligible for review for becoming an official Olympic sport.

Match poker makes use of digital technology and the traditional game of no-limit Texas Hold’em with a few twists. The games is played with a pot-limit pre-flop and no-limit post-flop structure and it is a team sport. There are teams of four with players seated at different electronic tables in a different seat playing against three players from different teams. At each table the hole and community cards will be the same. Players start each hand with the same number of chips, at the end of a round a team’s combined chips are calculated, points are given and the chips replenished. The game lasts for a set number of hands.

The sport needs to be reviewed by the International Olympic Committee but there is a real chance that match poker could soon become part of the Olympic line-up.

OCA News Editor