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Poker Player Wins Grosvenor Casino’s £13K Bad Beat Jackpot

Poker Player Wins Grosvenor Casino’s £13K Bad Beat Jackpot

A punter at the Hull Grosvenor Casino may not know whether to feel lucky or unlucky after winning the casino’s ‘Bad Beat’ bonus.

Joseph Skipsey was playing Dealer Dealt Texas Hold’em when he won the rare £13,000 bad beat bonus payout. The bonus is paid out when a player has an exceptional hand of cards but goes on to lose the round. When the bonus is won all cash players at the table take a share of the overall jackpot.

Skipsey said that he goes to play poker with his friends about once a month and went into the casino with £50 in his pocket. He said he was aware that he could qualify for the bonus but was still astonished to win it. He now wants to use his winnings to buy a new car.

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