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Pac-Man Gambling Coming to Las Vegas Casinos

Pac-Man Gambling Coming to Las Vegas Casinos

If you spent your youth enjoying Pac-Man and are still enjoy the occasional game today then there is good news. Bandai Namco has signed a deal that will bring Pac-Man themed gambling machines to casino floors and they are expected as early as next year.

The machines are to be made by Gamblit Gaming and will bring together esports with the familiar game of Pac-Man. They will allow two to four players to compete with each other for cash prizes and the games are to be based upon the 2011 console game Pac-Man Battle Royale.

Pac-Man was debuted 37 years ago and become an icon of the 1980s. The game has been licensed several times to other products such as breakfast cereals and television shows. It is hard to be precise about how much money Pac-Man has made as he has appeared in so many games and been merchandised in a huge number of ways.

In the late 1990s a company called Twin Galaxies, that tracks video game world record scores, went to a number of used game auctions and counted how many times the average Pac-Man machine had been played. They then multiplied the figures by the total number of machines that were manufactured and came to the conclusion that the arcade game was played more than 10 billion times in the twentieth-century. That alone would have raised over $2.5 billion.

There will of course be more precise records kept about the casino version. It hasn’t yet been announced which casinos the game will be available at but Gamblit Gaming has machines in most of Las Vegas’ major resorts.

OCA News Editor