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Nottingham Man Hits £47K Jackpot With £1 Bet

Nottingham Man Hits £47K Jackpot With £1 Bet

A lucky punter at the Grosvenor Casino in Nottingham hit a jackpot of more than £47,000 from a bet of just £1.

David Wilkinson entered the casino with £60 in his pocket and decided to try his luck with a new side bet offered at the casino. The bet is placed alongside a game of three-card poker and offers the chance to win two jackpots. The major jackpot pays out if the player is holding a royal flush of spades.

After his win Wilkinson said that he was “speechless” while Daren Brain, the casino’s general manager, said that he was extremely pleased that the jackpot was won in Nottingham having heard of it being won at other locations around the country, “It’s great to see people enjoying our gaming area and having a big win like this creates a really exciting buzz around the new additions to the casino”.

OCA News Editor