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Bookmakers Take Bets On Name of New Royal Baby

Bookmakers Take Bets On Name of New Royal Baby

Earlier this week it was announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third baby and bookmakers are now busy taking bets on the name and sex of the child.

Most bookmakers are expecting the name to be very traditional and the most likely girls names at William Hill are Alice at 8/1, Elizabeth at 10/1 and Victoria at 14/1. Alice is also leading at a number of other bookmakers with odds all in the region of 8/1.

If they have another boy then William Hill has James, Arthur and Philip all at 12/1 and most other bookies have the same top three.

However, there is also some speculation that the child will be named after the late Princess Diana with odds of 14/1 to William Hill.  Other possibilities include Alexandra at 14/1 and Albert at 16/1.

However, for those that think the Duke and Duchess will choose something more outlandish there are plenty of markets available. There are odds of 50/1 that the child will be named after Donald Trump and you can find odds of 25/1 on the baby being named Rose.

Unsurprisingly the bookmakers are offering odds of around 5/6 on the baby being a boy or a girl and there is no clear favourite yet.

The most unlikely name at bookmakers is Joffrey at 1000/1 while Daenerys and Bear are both at 500/1 and there are numerous names at 100/1 such as Zayn, Thomas, Netherlands, Matilda, Jamie, Hugo and more.

With many months to go until the baby is born, some clear favourites are sure to arise.

OCA News Editor