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Bookies Release Odds for Next Year’s Oscars

Bookies Release Odds for Next Year’s Oscars

While the next Oscars ceremony won’t be taking place until February 2nd 2018, bookmakers are already busy publishing odds on who will win what.

Despite just being released a week ago (Friday 21st July), the World War Two drama Dunkirk is already favourite to win Best Picture Oscar having been met with critical acclaim for its direction, cinematography, acting and soundtrack. Bookies have given the film odds of 5/2 to win, making it an early favourite.

The three films that follow it are Phantom Thread, The Current War and The Papers all of which are at 8/1. However, The Current War is not due to be released until December so there is plenty of time for the odds to change and become longer or shorter before the actual voting takes place.

Bookmakers are also expecting Disney’s The Last Jedi to cause a stir. The latest in the Star Wars franchise stars Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. However, it also won’t be released until December so while it is at 20/1 at the moment, there is a very real chance that the odds will become far shorter.

Other films with relatively short odds for this stage of the year include Call Me By Your Name and Darkest Hour. The latter is another World War Two film that follows Winston Churchill (played by Gary Oldman) at the beginning of the war while Call Me By Your Name is a love story set in northern Italy. Both films are due to be released in November and both are currently at 12:1.

While the Oscar’s are a long way off, with the odds currently so generous those who fancy themselves film buffs have the chance of winning a fortune.


OCA News Editor