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Woman Sues Casino For $42 Million Jackpot

Woman Sues Casino For $42 Million Jackpot

A woman is suing a casino after she was offered a steak dinner instead of the $42,949,672.76 jackpot a slot machine told her she had won.

Katrina Bookman hit the jackpot on the Sphinx Slot Machine playing at Resorts World Casino in Queens, New York City, last August. She immediately cashed out and went to claim her prize. While the ticket was printing, she took a selfie of herself and the screen displaying the prize amount. However, when she went to hand in the ticket she was told that she had not won and the machine had malfunctioned.

She claims that she was contacted the next day and was told shed be given $2.24 and a steak dinner. She declined both and has now filed a lawsuit seeking the jackpot total in damages. Her attorney, Alan Ripka, said, You cant claim a machine is broken because you want it to be broken. Does that mean it wasnt inspected? Does it mean it wasnt maintained? And if so, does that mean that people that played there before [Bookman] had zero chance of winning?

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