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Punter Wins £555K from 80p Bet

Punter Wins £555K from 80p Bet

A lucky punter in Scotland who couldn’t sleep because of back pain logged onto a gambling site and won £555,000 in six minutes with a bet of just £0.80.

The man, who has asked to remain anonymous, visited William Hill in order to take a break from his PlayStation. He then won £555,116.48 playing the game Angel Princess. The win came just before he was due to have an operation to ease his back problems. He now plans to treat his family to a holiday in Las Vegas having gone on holiday with his fiancé too Cyprus. He also intends to keep working and move from a flat to a house.

After the win he said, ““I got up and started playing PlayStation. It was a shoot-em-up game and just for a bit of a break I thought I’d have a couple of spins on the William Hill site. I know the game and it is enjoyable to play. After it spins, the cursor goes to an area of the screen where the possible winnings are listed. I thought it was heading for £500 and I thought that would be a great result for a few minutes of play. But then the cursor hit the £555,000 box.”

OCA News Editor