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Bellagio Casino To Keep Iconic Fountains

Bellagio Casino To Keep Iconic Fountains

MGM Resorts have denied reports that they were planning to remove the famous fountains from outside the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas in order to make way for a shopping centre.

The fountains are one of Las Vegas’ most iconic attractions and millions of tourists from around the world visit the city every year to catch their dramatic displays.

However, a new report from The Las Vegas Review Journal claimed that MGM Resorts, which owns the site, has been considering converting the area, which is 8.5 acres, into a shopping and food complex.

The fountains are hugely popular with tourists and locals alike and you can find crowds of people along the railings in front of the lake nearly all day on a daily basis. However, the fountains don’t make any money.

The lake takes up prime real estate on the Las Vegas strip so it came as little surprise when rumours began circulating that they may be redeveloped.

In the review it was reported that MGM Resorts top executives have held preliminary discussions in which they spoke about draining the 22 million gallon Bellagio fountains and replacing the area with a boutique shopping and restaurant promenade.

However, it now seems that while these talks did take place, nothing is to come of them.

This week MGM Resorts released a statement saying, “We have no plans or intention to eliminate the iconic Bellagio Fountains, one of the most identifiable tourism landmarks in the world.”

Just last month the company received permission to develop a $1.5 billion lagoon theme park on a 130-acre golf course that they own.

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