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Kenyan Punter Wins £1.6 Million On Football Betting

Kenyan Punter Wins £1.6 Million On Football Betting

A lucky punter in Kenya won an incredible £1.6 million from a £1.60 bet after predicting the outcome of 17 football matches.

Samuel Abisai won the money after having a bet on two separate picks according to betting firm SportPesa. He now intends to spend the money on his local community and the local football team in the western region of Kakamega. It is thought to be the biggest payout ever on a bet in Kenya where the average wage is about £116. After winning the money Abisai told journalists, “I think I am not going to bet again.”

Gambling is popular in Kenya with punters generally using their mobile phones to place bets. The government has just placed a 50% tax on bookmakers, lottery companies and sports betting sites but Abisai won’t be affected as the laws come into effect next year.

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