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Punter Turns £2.50 in £50,000 With Football Accumulator Bet

Punter Turns £2.50 in £50,000 With Football Accumulator Bet

A lucky punter in the UK put £2.50 on a football accumulator bet and amazingly all fifteen of his predictions came true to land him a massive £50,000.

Alan Thomson placed a 20,000-1 accumulator on 15 English football matches last weekend. He was in a rush and just skimmed through the football coupon at Betfred in his home town of Uddingston, Lanarkshire.

He picked matches at random and betted on whether there would be an odd or even number of goals in each game. Thomson is now planning on using the money to marry his fiancée Nico Love in Las Vegas as well as put a deposit on a house and treat his nieces and nephews.

Speaking this week he said, “It took me 10 seconds to fill in the coupon. It was the first time I have done this bet. I didn’t study form, I just went for it and hoped for the best. All I did check was that the matches were all kicking off at 3pm so I wouldn’t be hanging around wondering if I had won.”

He went on to say that the money has “set us up for life” and that the couple feel as if they’re “in a dream.” Furthermore, thanks to his win he wasn’t even too disappointed when his team, Rangers, lost to Celtic over the weekend.

During the final moments of the games Thompson was having a nap and then woke up and started checking the results. He said he was shocked when he got to 11 out of 15 and asked his fiancé to check the rest.

He said that they celebrated the win with some cans of beer and a Chinese takeaway.

OCA News Editor