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Symmetry Slot Offers Huge Wins for Symmetrical Patterns

Symmetry Slot Offers Huge Wins for Symmetrical Patterns

Realistic Games has just launched Symmetry Slots, a game that looks a bit basic but has some fun features.

It is a 5 reel slot with 10 fixed paylines. On the reels are symbols including Jackpot!, a large pink seven, gold bars, a stack of cash and four jewels of varying colours and values. Winning combinations need to be formed on paylines but they do not have to start on the left hand side.

If you land only one type of symbol on each reel in all positions, you will be asked to press ‘Start’ to halt the stopper on one of the reels. All other reels without that symbol then respin and land with at least one of those symbols and this could result in a huge win. If a symmetrical pattern lands on the reels then you need to halt the stopper and a full house of that symbol is awarded for a really big win.

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