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Lucky Machines Slot Features Five Sets of Reels

Lucky Machines Slot Features Five Sets of Reels

If you are after something new then take a look at Lucky Machines slot from NeoGames which features five separate three reel slot machines.

You can choose how many slots to spin at a time. Each machine features traditional symbols including red sevens, clovers, cherries, lemons, bunches of grapes, diamonds, bells, bars, oranges and cherries. The symbols are all equal in value and landing three will win you the amount shown to the right of the payline.

If you land three red sevens the Crazy Bonus Round begins. It is a free spins game that uses all five machines. The multiplier for wins increases by 1x with each spin, however, any non-winning paylines are deactivated and once all lines have been deactivated the game ends. The slot has a betting range of £1.50 up to £150 and a jackpot of 3,000x.

OCA News Editor