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Win a New Month Bonus at 888 Casino

Win a New Month Bonus at 888 Casino

In two days’ time it will be April 1st and while this is commonly known as April Fool’s Day it is no joke that at 888 Casino you can claim a bonus of up to $188!

All you have to do is head over to the casino and log in, that is it. There will be a total of 26 players that receive bonuses and they will range in size from $8 up to $188. There will be twenty players that receive a bonus of $8, four players that receive bonuses of $88 and two very lucky players that receive bonuses of $188.

Be sure to head over to 888 Casino on Saturday and see if you are one of the lucky ones. Hopefully you’ll win a huge bonus and have plenty of funds to ensure you can have gambling fun throughout April.


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