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Woman Hits $43 Million Slot Jackpot But Casino Claims Malfunction

Woman Hits $43 Million Slot Jackpot But Casino Claims Malfunction

A woman in America couldn’t believe her luck when she hit a slot machine jackpot of $43 million but her joy quickly turned to anger as the casino she was gambling in refused to pay out.

Katrina Bookman took a selfie of herself with the display showing her jackpot win but the venue in New York is claiming that it was a machine malfunction and thus the win is void. According to the casino the machine’s top payout is $6,500 and therefore there is no way she could have won $43 million.

Bookman has said that in compensation the casino has offered her a steak dinner and her original win of $2.25.

When she had her original win in August she was surrounded by other customers, security and staff. She was then escorted from the casino floor and told to come back the next day to be told what decision the casino had made regarding her payout.

In the end a ruling by the New York State Gaming Commission decided that the slot machine had malfunctioned which voided her pay. All the machines in the venue have signs warning that malfunctions will void all pays and plays. The Commission also said that after the incident the machine was immediately removed from the casino floor to be repaired.

However, despite being told that she isn’t getting any winnings Bookman is now planning on suing the casino. Her attorney, Alan Ripka, has said that the situation is unfair and she deserves her winnings.

If the casino is forced to pay out it will be the biggest slot machine jackpot in the history of the country.

OCA News Editor