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Woman Hits £15.6K Jackpot On First Ever Casino Visit

Woman Hits £15.6K Jackpot On First Ever Casino Visit

A woman from the UK has made headlines after winning a massive £15,699 jackpot on just her second ever spin on her first visit to a casino.

Debbie Maynard, 52, decided to avoid the rush hour traffic by stopping off at a local casino. She bet 66p on a slot machine and won the jackpot at a casino in Southampton. She said that she is not a gambler and basically had no idea what she was doing, “some chap next to me said you need to press this button and that button”.

At first she thought that she’d won £10 but it then flashed up that she had won £15,699.54. She had no idea that it was possible to win such a large sum from the slot machine and said that everyone there was really pleased for her. She collected her winnings there and then in cash but has no plans to return to the casino.

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