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Betting on the Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Betting on the Eurovision Song Contest 2016

After months of preliminary heats in countries across the world, the Eurovision Song Contest final is finally here and of course the betting markets are going wild.

The strong favourite to win this year is Russia with odds of around 11/10 at most major bookmakers. The country’s entry is sung by Sergey Lazarev and is called ‘You Are The Only One’. Many are calling it a classic Eurovision song thanks to its pounding beat and lyrics such as “Thunder and lightning, it’s getting exciting”.

Just behind Russia is the Ukraine with odds of 9/2 with a song called 1944 sung by Jamala. Some have described the song as a deliberate provocation as it relates the plight of the Tartar people deported from Crimea by Stalin.

The odds on France winning have been steadily shortening as the singer Amir’s song J’ai Cherche becomes more popular with fans. The odds are now around 7/1 but many are predicting that Amir could be a surprise favourite.

The host country, Sweden, is fourth favourite to win but the odds are quite long at 15/1. They have entered with If I Were Sorry sung by Frans. While he will have the home crowd advantage it is extremely rare for a county to win twice in a row and some have described the song as lacking in Eurovision glitz.

Surprisingly this year’s new entry Australia is fifth favourite to win with odds of 20/1. They have entered with Sami Im singing Sound of Silence and it will be interesting to see how the country fares.

All in all, it is shaping up to be another exciting contest.

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