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Bookmakers Lengthen Odds of Donald Trump Nomination

Bookmakers Lengthen Odds of Donald Trump Nomination

According to the odds at a number of bookmakers Donald Trump’s chances of winning the Republican nomination for the White House have sharply fallen.

After Super Tuesday Trump’s chances were placed as high as 86% but since then they have fallen to 69%. Despite this drop Trump is still the favourite but it was the steepest slide in his chances since the beginning of February.

At Paddy Power Trump is 2/5 favourite to win compared to 1/7 favourite after Super Tuesday. Odds on Rubio shortened from 4/1 to 5/1 and on Cruz they moved from 9/1 to 12/1. Hillary Clinton is strong favourite to win the Democrat nomination with odds of 1/14 compared to Bernie Sanders 12/1. In the outright betting markets on the election Clinton is favourite to become president with odds of 1/2 compared to Trump’s 3/1.

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