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Paddy Power to Trial Washable Bet Slips Following Lottery Wash

Paddy Power to Trial Washable Bet Slips Following Lottery Wash

As much of the UK waits to hear if Susanne Hinte’s washed lottery ticket is in fact the winning ticket, the news has inspired Paddy Power to trial washable betting slips.

Paddy Power is said to be keen for its customers to avoid going through a similar experience so it is developing a washable betting slip. The slips will be trialled in the bookmaker’s shops from next week. They will be made from a fabric-like material and will be machine washable. Furthermore, they can even be tumble dried and ironed.

The Head of Product and Innovation at Paddy Power, Dave Hammond, said that it is something that customers are eager to see. For now it will be a limited trial taking place in the London Kings Cross branch of Paddy Power.

While Hinte has claimed for a few weeks that she is the owner of the £33 million winning ticket reports are emerging that Camelot has ruled her out as the winner. Camelot’s investigators, who include former detectives and intelligence officers, haven’t taken CCTV footage from the newsagents where Miss Hinte claims to have bought the ticket and many believe that this is a strong sign that Camelot does not believe her claim.

According to Camelot less than five people in the organisation know when and where the winning ticket was bought. Apparently a huge number of people have come forward claiming to be the winner of the jackpot. So many that Camelot is now considering legal action against those who are deliberately wasting the organisations time.

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