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Incinerator Slot Imposes Wild Patterns on the Reels

Incinerator Slot Imposes Wild Patterns on the Reels

While waste disposal may not be the most glamorous of professions the new Incinerator slot from Yggdrasil Gaming allows you to dispose of space junk in exchange for cash.

It is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot and on the reels players will find various symbols which represent debris floating in space such as a red-grey object, a blue ball, an orange cylinder and so on. During regular play each time that a winning combination is formed the symbols will disappear and new ones will fall to take their place and hopefully form another win. This way it is possible to make many wins off of a single spin.

The slot has a special Wild Pattern feature. On the side of the reels is an orange grid and after three winning combinations have been formed from one spin a number of wild symbols are placed on the screen according to the pattern shown in the grid. As a result this greatly improves the chances of forming another win.

OCA News Editor