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James Packer Blocked by Security at His Own Casino

James Packer Blocked by Security at His Own Casino

Australian casino tycoon James Packer has hit the news headlines again after he had an “altercation” with security at his own casino.

It is thought that the security guard, Iskandar Chaban, failed to recognise Packed and tried to block him from entering the Crown Melbourne casino with a number of VIP guests. The security guard has been working at the casino for three years in order to help pay his children’s university fees. Following the incident he claimed he collapsed and was taken to hospital in severe pain.

The casino confirmed that a “minor incident” had taken place following a misunderstanding. Initially the security guard was suspended but Crown now say that he has been reinstated. The casino says that normal procedures and protocols were followed pending a review of the incident and insists that the exchange was purely verbal.

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