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Croupier Sacked for Hiding Casino Chips in His Socks

Croupier Sacked for Hiding Casino Chips in His Socks

A croupier at the Cromwell Mint Casino in London has been fired after he was caught stealing casino chips and hiding them in his socks.

The croupier was dropping chips into a false pocket which had been connected to his socks via a tube. The man then passed them on to an accomplice on the fire escape during his cigarette break. A third person would then visit the casino a few days later to cash in the chips. When police searched the man’s flat they found £12,000 in cash.

The man has been cautioned by police but has not been charged, he was also sacked form the casino. The last time that a croupier tried to steal from a casino in Britain was six years ago when Wayne Wager was caught stuffing chips into his sock at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino.

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