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Natural Powers Slot Offers Wins in All Weather Conditions

Natural Powers Slot Offers Wins in All Weather Conditions

If you enjoy the superhero genre then you’ll love IGT’s latest online slot release which features four young ladies all of whom possess weather-related powers.

Natural Powers is a 5 reel slot with 40 fixed paylines. On the reels players will find wind/earth, fire/ice, the four main characters and the game’s logo. There is also a wild symbol and a bonus icon. Each time players land a winning combination the symbols will disappear and allow more to fall into place and hopefully form another win. After any spin one of the four ladies can trigger a bonus feature: Wind will blow all fire and ice symbols from the reels, Fire will burn all win and earth symbols, Earth will remove a random pattern of symbols and Ice will freeze and shatter a random pattern of symbols.

The slot also has a free spins round where players pick a characters to enjoy different numbers of spins with different sized multipliers. With so many bonuses, this slot is definitely worth checking out.

OCA News Editor