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Gambling Clubs May Come to Paris in Autumn 2016

Gambling Clubs May Come to Paris in Autumn 2016

There is good news for French gamblers as it has been revealed that gambling clubs, similar to those in London, may open in Paris as soon as next year.

The government is looking into ways of relaxing the strict limits on gambling in the French capital where casinos have been banned since 1920. A new report by an honorary Ile-de-France prefect, Jean-Pierre Duport, has shown that just one casino could bring in as much as €46 million in taxes each year.

However, before considering a casino, the government is said to be keener on the idea of ‘gambling clubs’ of a select highly regulated nature. It is thought that gambling clubs may be allowed to open from autumn 2016 and this in time could lead to the legalisation of casinos in the capital, especially if it can be demonstrated to the Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo that they would be beneficial to the city.

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